Christian Sets

Fishy Set

A fun set using the Christian "Fish" Symbol. porno Perfect for the joyful Christian!
Amazing Love

A very moving set inspired by the Praise song Amazing Love.
I Can Only Imagine

Inspired by the popular Christian song "I can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me.
His Sheep

A Cute Country Christian background set that will make visitors keep coming baaaaaack!
Jesus Smiles

Inspired by artwork of Jean Keaton. Many of us have received the email with her drawings of Jesus smiling and laughing... and have been greatly touched by them. I finally found out who the artist was and her website!
Real Men Love Jesus

For all those REAL Christian men out there!
Isaiah 40:29

Take a walk on the wild side!
Isaiah 53:6

Inspired by the work of artist John Bell.
John 3:16

Another set inspired by artist John Bell.
Exodus 15:2

An elegant background set with verse.
Noah's Ark

A fun set inspired by my kids.
Mark 5:14

A totally mouse drawn lighthouse background set.
Jesus as a Child

I just had to make a website out of this very touching painting.
Touch of Faith

Inspired by an amazing painting by artist Simon Dewey.
Veggie Tales!

Loved by both adults and kids, Veggie Tales bring a smile to everyone's face. Copyright of Big Idea.
He Names The Stars!

A cute country star set. It's also animated!
Autumn Set

A set perfect for fall.
I Beeelieve!!

I Beeelive in Jesus!

Country Sets

Yellowy Set!

Need a set to BRIGHTEN your day? This is it! Sunglasses optional!
Antique Rose

One of my first background sets ever.
A Little Rosey

A very simple country set.
More Coming Soon!

Special Occasions/Holidays Sets

Baby Boy Set

I made this set for my friend Nichole when she was expecting her first boy.

My very first background set!
Away in a Manger

A Country Nativity set mouse drawn by me.
More Coming Soon!